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    Shanghai yinji machine co. Ltd Yes a professional design, manufacture series of plate heat exchangers, tube heat exchanger, and complete sterilization equipment, degassing, and flash equipment business, the staff is a former beverage Machinery Factory Shanghai because enterprise restructuring and job-hopping out of the part of the technology, sales, service and technical staff formed a production company, all employees in the dairy, beverage machinery industry has twenty years of working experience. Especially in the plate (tube) heat exchanger, degassing, flash and other equipment with a professional design and development. In key technologies to stay ahead in the country, the company is the first chief engineer complete tubular ultra-high temperature (UHT) sterilization machine designers. And related industries has made a number of countries, the technical design of the certificate issued in Shanghai.

    Shanghai yinji machine co. Ltd a unique blend of domestic and foreign enterprises design, processing and uphold the excellent craftsmanship, combined with our decades of industry experience, is reflected in its characteristics: First, the lower one-time equipment investment, and second, combination of good design and installation of equipment quality and engineering quality, reasonable process to protect the entire system, compact structure, beautiful appearance, reasonable arrangement of the alignment, three-, low operating and maintenance costs. Advanced manufacturing technology and equipment design, has developed another high-tech casing with ultra-high temperature (UHT) sterilization machines, laboratory 50L / h multi-tube (plate) UHT sterilizer, cycle flash degassing equipment, various types beverage pump, tunnel and water bath type sterilizing equipment and other products, while providing complete process design, engineering, installation, training and equipment for existing sets unreasonable transformation services, which get this industry highly.
   "Sincerity is golden, quality-oriented" is Shanghai¡¯s goal to drink mechanical technology, the reputation and quality as the lifeline of development of the company, the customer¡¯s own development as the development of technical staff is always a goal to drink. Machinery Company in Shanghai drink technology staff¡¯s efforts, will continue to develop and grow.


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